Since 1996, company "Astero" produce and export canned vegetables and fruits, together with export of fresh vegetables and fruit.

As a fresh vegetable-fruit grower, engrower and exporter, we had set ourselves the target to export our products to give most of East and Central European citizens the possibility to get a taste of the excellent quality of hungarian fresh vegetables and fruits. Today we are proud to be a major supplier of these worldwide uniquely rich aromas and tastes of the hungarian vegetables and fruits to a vast amount of consumers in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. ASTERO has been able to seriously strengthen their position in these markets over the past year by aquiring themselves a solid share of these fast growing markets.

Our aim is to continue to further increase our market share by contracting more and more growers from the best agricultural lands in the country, developing them by giving financial support and added value in terms of know how and guaranteeing our clients the highest standards of quality by complying with EUREPGAP certification standards.

Besides being ready to offer you transport services and make on time deliveries, we are aspire to meet additional demands of our partners.

Our canned products are made from fresh vegetables and fruits. Cultivated in an ecologically responsible way. The manufacturing process is set up in a way to guarantee a home made character, preserving their natural taste, vitamins and heathy nature. All products are free of any preservatives. Our products well appreciated by consumers in the Baltic Countries. Russia. Germany, Romania, Slovakia, USA and many others. We are ready to meet your requirements regarding recipe, external appearance of the products as well as your company brand logo and label as we do for our present partners like "Vitaland", "Mikado", "Ogorodnikov", "Celeste", "Pelikan", "Erntegold", "Lena", "Zakuson", "Glavproduct" and many more.

Looking forward to continue the fruitful cooperation between our companies, or add you to the list of our clients.